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Olive 27/3/16

We went to the theatre of Dionysus, all ruins now. But it would have been extremely grand.
Here it is in Lego. We found this at the museum.


We found a turtle! Two actually. One around some green shrubs at the top, and one in the long grass in the picture.


Right down the bottom, half hidden in the long grass is a turtle, around it is the hollow sort of thing we found it in.
Here is a back story on Dionysus. Once again, big old thunderpants himself fell in love with a mortal girl named Selene. Zeus told her that Hera, (his wife) would never know and Selene soon announced that she was pregnant. Hera obviously found out and disguised herself as Selene's old nursemaid. After Zeus left, she was welcomed into Selene's house. She pretended to be shocked when Selene said she was dating the King of the universe. Hera told Selene, that she needed to know if this was Zeus not some random pretender. After all this was the father of her child. So Hera told Selene to ask Zeus to promise that he would do anything for her, then ask him to show you his godly form. Selene agreed, not knowing that if a mortal saw a gods true form they would turn to ashes. So when Zeus came again, Selene made him swear on everything he held dear, then asked him to show his real self to her. Zeus didn't want to, but he had promised. So he let his mortal form burn away. Selene turned to ash, but the half grown baby inside her survived and Zeus managed to catch the poor baby before he hit the floor. Zeus cut open his thigh and put the baby inside before stitching it up again. He was sad over the death of Selene. After the baby had grown enough, Zeus cut him out of his thigh and named him Dionysus.

Dionysus grew up with the nature spirits, and one day, as he was playing with his best friend, he spotted a strange vine, growing at the top of a tree. He asked his friend if he could climb up and get some of the small purple fruits. So his friend climbed the tree, but just as he grabbed a handful, he slipped and fell, hitting his head on the rocks, he died. Dionysus tried grab the small fruits that had cost his friend his life, but they had crushed on the rocks and were just a purple juice. I have to make something out of this. Dionysus thought. If only to honour my friend. So Dionysus crushed the grapes between rocks creating the very first wine press.
And soon he became the wine God.

After walking around the theatre for a bit, we went to the Acropolis museum. Mum and Dad went around trying to tell us about the Greek myths that were shown in freezes of stone and statues. But we kept correcting them since we had read Percy Jackson, a series of books about the Greek gods.
Example - dad said that Zeus had had four daughters, and two of them were shown in the freeze, we said actually no. Zeus had had TWO daughters, BOTH of which were shown in the freeze, one was nice and happy, the other was cold and mean. So Zeus named them the warm seasons and the cold seasons.

Greek Mythology,The Death Pig.
A long time ago,in a Greek city called Kalydon, King Oineus forgot to make offerings to Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. It was harvest time. The Kalydonians were supposed to offer the first fruits off the trees to the gods. They poured out olive oil for Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare. They burned some grain for Demeter goddess of wheat. They sacrificed fish sticks with tartar sauce for Poseidon, the God of the sea.

But they forgot Artemis. All she wanted was a couple of apples, she would have even settled for lemons. But her alter remained empty.

She was extremely angry. And there is one thing you need to know. NEVER make Artemis angry. She summoned the most ferocious pig in the history of pigs.

This huge pig was the size of a rhinoceros. His eyes were blood red and they blazed like fire. His steel strong hide was covered with bristles as rigid as spears, so if he brushed up against you he would absolutely shred you. His massive razor sharp tusks...well, if you got close enough to see them, you were pretty much already toast. He was in short, the Death Pig.

Artemis unleashed him on the fields of Kalydonia, were he destroyed all the orchards, trampled the fields, killed all the animals, farmers, and anyone else that was dumb enough to get in his way. At this point, King Oineus really wished he had given Artemis some apples.
He asked his son, Meleager, what he should do. Meleager thought they should hunt the death pig, because Artemis is the goddess of hunting wild creatures. So he gathered all the best hunters in Greece, the King offered rewards. They put on the First and Hopefully the Last Annual Kalydonian Boar Hunt.

Artemis did not make it easy. Some guy called Mopsos, who was the strongest spear thrower in Greece, launched his spear with enough force to crack a bronze shield. Artemis caused the spear head to fall off mid flight. The spear shaft bounced harmlessly off the monster.
Another hunter named Ankaios laughed at him. “That’s no way to fight the Death Pig! Watch and learn!” He hefted his double-bladed ax. “I’ll show you how a real man fights! This girlie goddess’s boar is no match for me.”

He charged in, raising his axe above his head, and the boar rammed his tusk straight into Ankaios’s crotch. Ankaios died, and he was remembered forever after as the Crotchless Wonder.

Finally Prince Meleager himself slew the boar with a lot of help from his friends. He hung the boar's hide in his hall and called himself The Bravest Man in Greece. It wasn't enough to calm Artemis who filled the other hunters with envy and created a full on civil war.

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Wil 25/3/16


Here are two stories about Athens.

Story #1
At the Parthenon the Greek god Athena was born out of Zeus's head. Zeus is a Greek God who met a mortal girl called Metis when she was in a field picking flowers with an elf.;) An oracle of Gaea (pronounced guy-a) who is the Earth Mother then said that Metis's first child would be a girl and that her second child would be a boy who would take over from Zeus as leader of the Greek gods. When Metis was pregnant Zeus was afraid that her child would be the boy so he opened his mouth and swallowed her and her unborn child. This was the end of Metis, but also the start of Zeus's knowingness.

After a while Zeus got an unbearable headache, which made him scream out in pain so loudly it could be heard throughout the earth. The other gods came to see what the problem was. Hephaestus (pronounced hef-face-tess) took a giant axe and split open Zeus's skull. Out of the skull came Athena, fully grown and in a full set of armour. Due to the way of her birth, she became the goddess of smartness and wisdom.

Story #2
Athens had no patron God, and both Poiseiden and Athena wanted to be the patron God of Athens. The King of Athens said that they should both offer a gift to the city and whichever gift the people of Athens liked best the person who gave that gift would be the patron God of Athens.

Poiseiden was to go first, he slammed his trident (three pointed spear) into the ground and a the dirt on top of a underground river exploded off, revealing a river. The people loved it until they came to taste it and realised that it was salty.
Athena stabbed her spear into the ground and a grove of olive trees erupted from the earth. The people of Athens chose Athena's gift therefore, Athena became the patron God of Athens. Athens was only called Athens after this day.

I already knew about these stories because I have the all eight of the Percy Jackson books, they have all of the Greek myths in them especially Percy Jackson And The Greek Gods.

It was cool being in the places that I've read about in books. We went to the Acropolis museum to see the frieze and the artefacts from the Acropolos. This is the east pediment.-
This is the west pediment.-
We saw what was left of the original pediments but they know what they looked like because the Romans made like a trillion copies. Story #1 is on the east pediment and story #2 is on the west pediment.

The Acropolis is awesome. Acropolis means a city (polis) built high up (acro) on a hill. It was built in the 5th century BC when the people were worshipping the Greek gods. Over 2,500 years the Parthenon has been a sanctuary, a church and a mosque. The building on the Acropolis have been destroyed during wars and have been rebuilt or replaced by newer buildings. The Acropolis was looted by Lord Elgin in the early 1800s and sold to the British museum. Since 1975 all of the buildings on the Acropolis have been being slowly restored.

I just liked the entire thing.



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Wil 24/3/16

Today is the last day in Skopelolos it was really really rainy and windy :( We went to a church where it is said that the dragon of Skopelos was slain. Eight hundred years ago a dragon came and the took all of the people's crops and killed everyone. The dragon ruled Skopelos and the surrounding islands for four hundred years! There are a couple of different versions of this story. One is that a man named Agios Riginos heard about the dragon he pretended to be a sailor and took a boat to Skopelos and fought the dragon. Another version says the Riginos was sent by the church to be the religious leader of the survivors. During the battle the dragon either fell off the cliff and smashed onto a rock or was swallowed by the earth never to be seen again. THE SKOPOLITIANS ARE SAVED!!!! ;) Riginos became the patron saint of the island and people name a lot of things after him such as hotels, restaurants and their children.


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Olive 22/3/16

We went swimming at one of Skopelos's many beaches.
It was really nice! The shore was littered with pretty stones, I encouraged myself to go under the icy water by finding a shiny rock under the surface of the water. I chose a bright red one. As the cold water covered my head, I grabbed the pretty rock and fled to the warmth of my towel that was lying in the sun.

Mum and Wil didn't go all the way in. Danny, Dad and I did. After my first try, I went in again and again, finding more and more nice rocks to collect.

Later, we went to the church where the movie Mama Mia was filmed. It sat on top of a rocky island, connected to Skopelos by a narrow rocky path. It was a good climb to the top, the view was great. The church was really small inside, like lots of the churches on the island only about ten people could fit inside. It was too small to shoot the scenes for the movie so they were filmed somewhere else. When mum told Danny we hadn't seen the movie yet, he couldn't believe it.

Then we went to Glossa, the other port on Skopelos where we had dinner at Danny's friend's restaurant. Glossa is almost the same as Skopelos Town, but it's located halfway up a mountain. It was built this way to protect it from pirates because the pirates would be seen and the time it took to climb up the hill would give the people time to prepare for their attack. The pirates would also be tired after climbing up the mountain!

Skopelos Town is built close to the water, because the northerly wind could blow the pirate ships into the rocks where they would smash into a million pieces. Both of these things are reasons why pirates would rethink going there and find another port. This made the people of Skopelos Town safer.

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Olive 21/3/16

Today we got up late, and headed down to one of the cafes by the sea. It was great! We had a hot chocolate with uncle Danny. There were sparrows hopping around the outdoor tent, plus this cat who sat
there for a while before walking away.


There are lots of cafes and restaurants along the waterfront, including a place that has awesome spanakopita. I really like it because it's named after the food of the gods, Ambrosia, which means it tastes like whatever you feel like eating.

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