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Wil 29/2/16

sunny -10 °C
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Today is the day we leave Kirkenes, so for the finale went HUSKY SLEDDING!!!!! There were five sleds in total, two of which were the guys guiding us though the track. As we rounded the first corner, mum and Olive's sled hit a bump, and mum was thrown off with the sled dragging sideways. Olive's head was scraping along the ground, then the sled hit another bank of snow, and flipped back upright. Olive was crying because mum couldn't get back on sled so the girl helping get the sleds going, jumped onto mums sled and hit the brakes. It took several minutes of confusion for that to happen. In the meantime, dad and I had no idea what was going on because we had already taken off along the track. The first we knew about it was Olive speeding around the corner with no driver. The cause of the rampage was that the office dog got out and bolted the wrong way and Mum and Olive's dogs chased after it. The huskies only have one gear.... GO! The only real control you have is the brakes which don't work very well. That makes it really exciting when every thing is working, and a bit of a disaster when it's not. Olive and Mum were very very brave and got back on to the sled, and congratulated each other after every new bump. I loved it, and I enjoyed seeing bumps up ahead and asked dad to go faster.90_26C432BAED9C2E9978E1680BFB927D95.jpeg90_26C644D29F9C8E6A2520AAD4DFEE4A06.jpeg90_26C8191B09AC850568CC1B6698156F58.jpeg

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Olive & Wil 29/2/16

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The Northern Lights are created when electrically charged particles from the sun and gaseous particles from earth collide. The different types of gases produce different colours: oxygen is green and nitrogen is blue or a purplish red. They only make these colours when they collide, we'll get to that part later.

Solar flares from the sun shoot out electrically charged particles that get caught on the solar wind and travel towards the earth. They can't get to earth because of the strong magnetic field that surrounds it. The particles bounce off the field and to the poles of the earth, where the field is the weakest. This is on the light side of the earth. Then the electrically charged particles stretch beyond the earth on the dark side until they break and snap back towards the poles.

It becomes visible when the electrically charged particles combine with gases from the earth. You can only see them at night, on the dark side. This is when the colours appear, in a beautiful form they come and go dancing across the sky.

Reference: http://www.aurorahunter.com/how-the-aurora-borealis-form.php


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Olive 27/2/16

Today after lunch we had a snowball fight. It was awesome, but we nearly trampled our snowman family.
The snowball fight turned into building a snowman, mum wanted to stop because we might get wet. News flash, we're technically throwing water at each other! The snowman we built was pretty cool, his name is Griffin. We couldn't get the snow to stick together so we covered it in water, then quickly put snow on it so it would stick. It hardened quickly into ice, and it worked! He is big.
His eyes were blueberries, his mouth a stick, his nose and the horns on his helmet were icicles that we had snapped off the roof.

We went on a walk up a steep hill and brought the sleds. It took half an hour to get up, but only one minute to get down.
After dinner, we went on the walk again this time in darkness. We hoped to see the northern lights. We saw a few flashes, but not much. The northern lights are also known as the Aurora Borealis.

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Wil 27/2/16

sunny -18 °C

Today we had a snowball fight and built a snowman named Griffin he has blueberries for eye's no animals have eaten them-90_9139208BADBD51C14D940F6A523B83F1.jpeg
That afternoon we went up a mountain dragging sleds, That was sooooo hard! The way up took half an hour and the way back down took less the a minute ;) Olive went the wrong way so dad had to run and find her. When I got to the bottom I did a one-eighty. Then we went to the cabin to have a rest. A few hours later we went up again to see if we could see the northern lights, WE SAW THE NORTHERN LIGHTS XD. (Again) We saw them on the boat but they weren't as bright or as clear to me. See our combined post about the northern lights with more detail called 'Both 27/2/16'

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Wil 26/2/16

sunny -21 °C

Today we went ice fishing and discovered how cold our toes could get. There was a guide with us called Dimitar. The ice was about 40 cm deep and the snow on top was half a metre, but mum stepped into some snow that was up to her waist. Dimitar used a massive corkscrew to dig up the ice, then he got out a mini fishing rod with a shiny piece of metal, then below that was a hook with a piece of bacon on the end. We had to jiggle the rod up and down so the light would hit the metal and reflect the light as a fishes scales would. We went so well in catching fish, WE CAUGHT NOTHING- except cold feet, even though my boots are rated to minus forty degrees centigrade.
That afternoon, we went on snow sleds, and I did a 360 up a snow pile, another 360 in the air, then kept going down the hill, that was fun. Last night we ate king crab, reindeer and as much icecream as we could eat XD. Here's a link to a video on YouTube I posted of me sledding and skidding. (plz sub) https://youtu.be/gCvwnIrH9GU


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