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Olive 27/2/16

Today we went ice fishing. The man showing us how to do it, dug the snow off, then drilled a 40cm hole down into the thick ice with a giant corkscrew. That's deep! Also, today mum and dad hired us sleds. They're awesome! They look like this.
The steering wheel controls the front ski, which turns the rest of the sled. The seat looked big enough for two people, it fitted Wil and I, but when we tried to ride it together, we flipped off the path into a snow drift. It was too much weight on the back end, causing it to turn too fast on the weighted pivot point.

The pedals are the brakes, they don't really work... which is good, if they worked, then I might use them! When they don't work it's much more fun! On the end of the brake pedals, there were metal teeth, that grated into the snow when you put your foot down. Happily, it doesn't dig in deep enough to do much. Up here in Norway, they don't make you wear helmets. That gets mum and dad really worried. I can prove Norway wrong by looking at Wil's head. He fell off his sled while doing a long skid. Short sharp skids are better.

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Wil 25/2/16

sunny -16 °C

Last night we crossed the top of Norway and the sea was really rough. Everyone was stumbling and it was hard to walk in a straight line. The sea was called the Barents Sea, which is also known as the Ice Ocean. We were told that there was going to be no ice on the water because we were crossing the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is a warm current of water coming from the tip of Florida in the United States. THEY WERE WRONG!!!!!!!!!! We could hear the ice smashing against the side of the ship. When we woke up there was ice floating on the top of the water. We can still feel the rocking from the boat even though we are now on land. Everyone we spoke to from the boat felt the same so we looked it up. It is a feeling that when it lasts a long time is called Disembarkment Syndrome otherwise it's called finding your land legs.

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Olive 24/2/16

Today we went on a tour of a fishing village called Skarsvåg. It is the most northern fishing village in Norway. They go fishing everyday and eat their catch everyday except Sunday's and Christmas Day. The fisherman give free fish to the oldest people in the village, they take a bag and hang it on the back of their door every day. It was pretty cool, but I couldn't live eating fish every day, mainly because I don't like fish.

It snowed constantly. Wil and I were playing in the snow
while mum and dad stood to the side listening. We listened too but we didn't find it as interesting as they did. We had Christmas cake a hot chocolate and biscuits. The cake was delicious! We asked for the recipe, and the guide Heidi, gave us the name of the cake so we could look it up. It's called Morlefse, a northern version of Norwegian flatbread, sandwiched together with jam and cream. Heidi was really nice and also gave us a free lollie pop!

Heidi's house was red and it's one of the first houses you see when you come to the village. People always said it looked like a Christmas house, so she turned it into one. Now it's the only place everyone can get together and Heidi wishes her husband built the house bigger. People there celebrate Christmas 365 days a year.

There were only 40 people living in Skarsvåg because the children all moved away to bigger towns like Oslo. Only older people lived there, though Heidi didn't think herself as old but she was sad about the future of her town.

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Wil 23/2/16

snow -2 °C

Today we went to the polar museum in Tromsø, it's really sad that in Norway back in the late 1800's they would kill many walruses, seals and polar bears. Tromsø's last seal hunt was as recent as 2015, when Norway's government voted to stop a subsidy. There was no longer enough profit in seal hunting, because in 2010 seal trade was banned to Europe. This made it harder for locals to find work, and small villages are becoming smaller as many people move to the larger towns.


Then we went across a river on a bus to a huge church called the Arctic cathedral. In the wall of the church there was a gigantic stained glass wall with Jesus hanging on a cross. It is a very famous building. When the lights turned on the church looked really cool. There was fresh snow piled up on the sides, so I went into PENGUIN MODE! I dived into the snow head first like a penguin. (when I did that I was the only penguin in the northern hemisphere because the rest are in the south) A polar bear would love to eat them for breakfast but they'd have to swim a long long way, so obviously that's never going happen!

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Wil 22/2/16

sunny 0 °C

This morning we crossed into the Arctic circle. The ship's crew held a ceremony on the flight deck which is on the back of the ship. The captain and some crew members poured a ladle of ice and water down people's backs to celebrate. It is a tradition that the new staff members get a huge ladle of icy water over there heads. One staff member was initiated and got very wet. The crew then grabbed the entertainment manager and poured the rest on his head. That was so funny!

There was a man dressed as King Neptune. In Greek mythology he is called Poseidon. Poseidon is one of the twelve Olympian gods and goddesses. Neptune is the Roman ocean God. He is also referred to as "Earth-Shaker" due to his role in causing earthquakes, and has been called the "tamer of horses". His usual form is an older male with curly hair and beard.
In Norway there are Norse Gods and Giants, there are two Giants Ægir (pronounced " EYE-geer") and Ran (pronounced "RAN") they both live under the sea in a gigantic beautiful hall. Ægir is like the good Giant and Ran is the bad Giant. Ægir makes the water calm and Ran makes it rough; she drags the sailers into her house to drown. They have nine daughters who are thought to be the spirits of the waves.

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