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Olive 19/2/16

Today was our last day in Bergen and we went on the Furnicular railway. It's a cart sort of thing that took you up the hill, then down. From the top we could see the house we stayed in. It had some awesome views.

Then, we got on the boat that would take us to Kirkenes. With other stops along the way.

Did you know that last year in Bergen, it rained 274 days in a row, then winter came and it got cold.
The average amount of days it rains is 203, and not normally all in a row. It rained today too and it also found time to snow. Most of the people were grumpy, maybe it's the weather.

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Wil 20/2/16


I woke up at 1:36 AM because of the waves, but eventually I fell asleep again. When I woke up I had breakfast then we got off the boat at Alesund. Then we went shopping and climbed the 418 steps, some of the steps were numbered so we could tell how far we had to go. At the top of the mountain summit it was snowing we were in a flurry of snow for the first time ever, and it wasn't as cold as we thought it would be. Then we had to go back down.... After that we started to make our way back to the boat, but on the way we got a hot chocolate called kakao. The houses all had carvings on the outside both in concrete and wood. In 1905 there was a fire that went on for 15 hours and back then all of the houses were made out of wood and surprisingly, drum roll please, ONLY ONE PERSON DIED! They rebuilt it in three years! Tradesmen came from every where to help.They have no idea what started the fire.


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Wil 19/2/16

rain 4 °C

When we woke up we started to pack up our stuff ready for the boat. Then we walked to the Hurtigruten dock where we put our bags in the lockers, then we had four hours to walk around. We walked for an hour then we went on the funicular railway which goes to the top of Mount Floyen. It is really really steep and it felt like we were going straight up. From the top we could see the whole of Bergen (nearly anyway) then we went down again. Back at the Hurtigruten to went to the safety briefing about where the life jackets are and what to do in an emergency, then we boarded the boat. The cabins are soooooooo tiny literally two bunk beds and a sink crammed in the corner. But the food is waaaay better then plane food. EB448829E6944F5ADDAF3E0BF046EBE4.jpeg

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Wil 17/2/16

overcast -2 °C

We went on the Fläm railway which is one of the most scenic railways in the world, we saw frozen water falls clinging to the rocks. A rock fell about 3 meters away from a van! (Not while we were watching but before.) The Fläm railway is awesome because of the amazing views.

Then we went on a boat though the mountains and it was so so windy I was leaning against the wind at a thirty-five degree angle and I didn't fall over. The wind was so strong I was so close to falling down the stairs. There was a down stairs area at the back of the boat right next to the water. From there I could see the waves from the propellers and the huge snow topped mountains surrounding us.


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Olive 16/2/16

Today we went to the Kon-Tiki museum and watched an interesting film for 1hr 5' 12" about an impossible expedition that was predicted certain death, to prove a point. Surprisingly no one died. The expedition was six people on a man made raft of balsa wood and rope. The expedition boat carried 3 tons of dental plaster to build moulds of the Easter island statues. There was a fake whale shark and sword fish. There was also a wax figure of a man that looked so real I started talking to him! Sadly I didn't get a photo.90_8AC23FB4A671239C5A1F34D9AC8641A1.jpeg90_8AC0B819B141AA1268B72767CC538C66.jpeg

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