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Wil 16/2/16

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Mums understanding of the Vikings is that they put the dead on a ship, then they pushed it onto the sea then they shoot the ship with flaming arrows, but at the viking museum they said that they put them on the ship then buried the ship with the Vikings still on it. Then mum said "maybe I watch too much TV". Different ships had more intricate patterns and figure heads according to the rank. For example a chief would have a different boat to a warrior. Tools, treasures, horses, equipment and slaves would be buried with them. When a Viking died their slave/slaves would be killed to serve them in the after life.

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Wil 15/2/16

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When we got to Oslo we took a train to a station closer to where we were staying, then mum walked to the cafe to pick up the keys for the Airbnb. The house has two huge TV's - that we couldn't get to work, two PC's, a Mac, a PS3 and a PS4 that we also couldn't get to work!

I had a very very stupid idea to stand in the snow with no shoes or socks on...... SNOW... IS..... COLD... I lasted twenty-two seconds.

First we went to the Munch museum, we walked around looking at the artwork. That was really boring but most of the artwork was pretty amazing. My favourite was the wood block prints they were AWESOME!

It was really hard to find a cafe that wasn't a fast food place so we went to Subway (for the first time) and got sandwiches and dad got a 'taco sandwich' 😜 but he asked for the sub of the day which had salad, ham, cheese and salami. LOL!

Then we went to a statue park and we found some water that had frozen into ice and we were skidding on it with our boots. That is my favourite part of the trip so far!

We went on a walking tour of the city and the guide told us a 'fun fact' there was an old Danish King who was also the King of Norway called Haraldr Gormsson which translates in English to Harold Bluetooth and his rune stone is Bluetooth symbol:

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Olive 15/2/16

Today we went to the Munch museum and we saw some great paintings some photos and self portraits, my favourite was of a skull. It was incredible!
Next we went to a statue park, it was pretty cool, after looking at the statues we found lots of huge mounds of snow, but one had something behind it... A ice puddle! Wil and I were skating constantly.
Next was a 2 hour walking tour around Oslo, our feet were really sore but that was made up for by the fortress! Did you know that after World War 1 the King thought that it was so terrible that there would never be another war, so when Word War 2 came, he sat without an army watching the Nazi soldiers march into the city. The Nazi gathered up all the Jewish people and deported them to concentration camps in Germany. Only 37 people came back. There's a statue in the city centre, of a man standing next to his bicycle. He was the leader of the people's resistance, who tried to disrupt the Nazi's plans. The resistance hid in the top floor of a building with a view of the port and the city and the Nazi headquarters 200 metres down the road. After the tour it took us about 1.5 hours to travel a kilometre back home because the people we were asking kept sending us on the wrong busses and trams.89E70BCDF88EFD35DC1854757EB6A817.jpeg89E5C81BA29F466F595139361ED03154.jpeg

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Olive 14/2/16

At the airport in Melbourne, our boots were really hot, they weren't supposed to be worn in the 35 degree heat of home! On the way to the airport I was 98% exited and 2% nervous. I was excited because we were finally setting off on the trip we had been looking forward to since May last year. I was nervous about the plane skidding on the ice on the runway. Surprisingly the plane didn't skid, yay!

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Wil 14/2/16

I like the way that when we travelled we went back in time 10 hours. So when we flew across Western Australia and out across the Indian Ocean it was about the same time that we left. We left Melbourne at midnight and we arrived at 1:20 PM on the same day, but we had been travelling for approximately 23 hours. The first plane from Melbourne to Doha took 16 hours. The second plane took approximately 6 hours from Doha to Oslo airport. The planes had video games in the back of the seats. My favourite game was Rally Challenge and the plane food was TERRIBLE!

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